Happy Diwali

  Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals of India. Everything looks beautiful and lit up under the charisma of lights and diyas. The festival is about hope, victory, winning hearts, mending relationships, spreading happiness and celebrating life. This Diwali, do not compromise on making everyone around you smile. Share messages that lift up the moods and make a memorable mark on the minds of your loved ones. Here are few messages, wishes and Whatsapp shareable to make your job easier! Share these messages on Whatsapp, Facebook or via text message and make your friends and family feel extremely happy. Do not let the wrong vibes come in your way and send out good vibes only! May the Diwali lights brighten your life and Rangoli add more colours to it. Have a blessed Diwali! #happydiwali2020 #ahujabookcompany

Exclusive - Essential of Clinical Pulmonology

  Concise yet comprehensive, this textbook of clinical pulmonology provides pulmonologists and respiratory disease physicians with all the key information that they need to know to manage the patient through the diagnosis and treatment journeys. Ahuja Book Company From the most common condition to the rarest, each disease is consistently presented and comprehensively covered giving the reader just the key facts. Building upon the basic sciences and integrating these with clinical practice, each chapter has a consistent approach, is highly designed and visually appealing. Numerous illustrations, colour photographs, scans, bullet points, tables and algorithms ensure that the key information is available at a glance. The keynote sections serve as a useful revision aid as do the multiple choice questions. A truly international and highly experienced editorship with expert contributors from around the world ensure that the book remains a trusted source of information. Ahuja Book Company Set

Oxford Textbook of Medicine - 6th Edition - Exclusive - Ahuja Book Company

“The bible for general medicine.” Consultant, USA “It gives me the confidence to teach a topic outside my speciality.” Clinical Teaching Fellow, UK “I would highly recommend it. It’s precise, detailed, accurate and short. … It doesn’t take you long to find exactly what you need.” Consultant, Saudi Arabia “For updates, I always go to OTM first.” Consultant Cardiologist, UK “It’s useful for both the management and the classification of symptoms.” Resident, India “An excellent text. Your go-to comprehensive textbook in general medicine.” Senior Specialist Registrar, UK “I used it as a student and a newly qualified doctor. The detail is fantastic; it prepared me so well for professional practice.” Specialist Registrar, UK “Many hospitals worldwide don’t have access to online journals; it would cost a fortune to subscribe. So, access to the OTM is very important, and affordable.” Staff Surgeon, USA “It keeps me up to date – especially for a refresher in an area outside my specialism.” Consu